We buy Cars for Cash

Looking to sell your car in the Wigan area? why not get in touch with Poolstock Car Sales and we will buy your car for cash.

We are committed to offering our customers the very best deal we can offer, we will look at any car and if it is suitable we will pay you the due amount.

At Poolstock Car Sales, we make it so easy to sell your car. Just give us a call and let us know your make, model and registration plate number and we will give you an estimate within 24 hours, if you are happy with the quote we can then arrange for us to come and view the car or you can bring the car to us where we will then make payment upon inspection.

In our many years of service in the car buying industry, we've seen it too many times: people feeling burdened with a car they no longer want or need. They'd much rather have cash in hand than an unwanted vehicle in the driveway, but looking for an honest vehicle buyer seemed like too much of a hassle. Not any more you can easily sell us your car so what are you waiting for get in touch with us!

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